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Seven days ahead of Eid al-Fitr, the mobile phone market in Jakarta has not yet shown significant growth. The price of cellphones was observed to not be corrected much. At the same time, the supply of goods was reported to be abundant.


Except in PGC Cililitan. In this grandest mall in the east of Jakarta, since two days ago (August 20) the number of visitors has been seen soaring sharply. The alleys on the 3rd floor, which are special areas for cellphone outlets, seem to be crowded. Especially at the hour approaching the time of iftar and evening.


“This condition has been felt since last Saturday (August 20). At first, I thought it was only Saturday and Sunday, because the weekend is usually crowded. But even now (Tuesday), it turns out that the number of visitors is still crowded,” explained Alfian from Ali Communica.


According to Alfian, local brand smartphones still dominate sales at PGC Cililitan. “If you count the number of units, Chinese smartphones still dominate, especially the touchscreen ones,” added Alfian.


Another PGC is also Jambu Dua Bogor. If the PGC is already crowded, the condition of Jambu Dua is still adem ayem. In fact, when compared to other shops, the fate of Jambu Dua can be said to be the coldest.


From our monitoring to H-7, the situation in the largest electronic center in the rainy city is not much different from the beginning of the fast yesterday. Lonely! “In fact, if you look at the date, it’s the end of the month now, right! People should already be on THR. But it turns out that until now (market conditions in Jambu Dua) are still quiet,” said an employee on the ground floor.


Not only in Jambu Dua, the fate of the ITC Roxi Mas cellphone wholesale center has not yet shown positive progress. But it is not as severe as in Jambu Dua. However, for the size of ITC Roxi Mas, which is a cellphone wholesale center in the country, the conditions that have occurred in the past week are still substandard.


“I think it’s going to happen one week ahead. Because even last years, the peak was usually the week before and a week after Eid,” explained a trader on the third floor who did not want to be quoted by name.


While market conditions are still trending, our survey noted that prices in general have not corrected much. No exception for smartphone-type smartphones, which some time ago fluctuated a lot. In line with that, the inventory of goods is reported to be in a very safe condition because it is abundant. So even though there will be a surge in demand during the Eid holiday, presumably the price of cellphones will not soar.


3 Easy Steps to Buy a Cellphone Ahead of Eid Al-Fitr

Have you thought about spending money on Eid clothes shopping? Eiiit, don’t forget about this one: New cellphone! In addition to clothes, it seems that you need to spend extra money to upgrade your cellphone, so that it remains classy and up-to-date when Fitri’s day comes.


And if the money has been collected, then it’s time to hunt down your dream cellphone in a simple way but still hit and on target. Well, please immediately look at the following box.


Nowadays, cellphone shopping may have become a secondary need that almost matches the primary need. The reason is one: Prestige. Yup, if some people think that cellphones are a barometer of a person’s success, it is natural. If that’s the case, looking at a new cellphone becomes mandatory.


But did you know that cellphone shopping must be careful, fast, and meticulous.


The first step to take is to be careful. Determine your dream cellphone before you move towards the center of the cellphone. The goal is if you have chosen a brand, and the type you don’t need to go around from one counter to another because you are still busy asking what cellphone is good and decent.


O yes, before confirming the cellphone, first look at the level of your needs. If it is appropriate, just adjust it to the cost you have. After that, please determine which cellphone to buy.


The second step, you need to quickly choose a location, in the center of which cellphone the target hunts according to your domicile. Don’t get hung up on one place that is indeed far from reach. Usually, the price increase in the cellphone center of the area near your domicile, is proportional to the cost of transportation to the well-known cellphone center. For example, you live in the Bekasi area, just shop at Bekasi Cyber Park or Mega Mall Bekasi instead of having to go to ITC Roxi Mas.


And lastly is thoroughness. When choosing a cellphone, do not rush. Just relax. Carefully look at the warranty card and check each of its important features. Starting from the phone, camera, and its connection features. Don’t forget to check the IMEI number, whether it is the same as the one listed on the cellphone cardboard box. O yes, don’t forget to check the phonebook and applications that allow personal use, such as Facebook and others, if there are any. SIGNAL has experienced, buying a new cellphone that turns out to have been listed as having contacts with various names and Facebook IDs in the name of others.


If everything is in order, please immediately pay the cellphone concerned, of course, with a warranty guarantee through an official vendor. Happy shopping!


Find Locations For Efficiency


Many people are still fixated with the old pattern, which is shopping for cellphones in the center of the cellphone center which is already famous instead of thinking about the element of proximity to the place to live. A friend even said, “If you want to shop for a cellphone, just go to Roxi, it’s cheap,” he said. The opinion is not wrong, it’s just that it is far from being efficient. An easy example, if you want to shop for a cellphone that is close to your domicile, the money spent is relatively the same as shopping at Roxi. The assumption is that the cost and energy are also counted as plus minus.


Then, what you need is your location to shop. SIGNAL will provide an alternative option where you should shop, according to the location where you live. Especially in the Jabodetabek area.


For East Jakarta domicile, you can choose one of the following places:

– Grand cakung, located adjacent to the Bekasi region.

– PGC Cililitan, one of the cellphone shopping centers complete with busway corridors inside.


For West Jakarta you just need to visit the following locations:

– ITC Roxi Mas, one of the most well-known cellphone centers across the country.


For Central Jakarta and bordering the North Jakarta area:

– You can choose ITC Cempaka Mas as a place to shop for cellphones as well as Eid clothes.


For the south Jakarta area:

– You can visit ITC Fatmawati.

– It could also be the Ambassador’s Mall as an alternative.


For the Depok area:

– Visit ITC Depok


In the Serpong region:

– Visit ITC BSD Serpong.


In Bogor area :

– Come to Plaza Jambu Dua, Bogor.


Bekasi and surrounding areas:

– Mega Mall Bekasi

– Bekasi Cyber Park


Nb: Almost all places have SIGNALed to make complete cellphone tourist attractions, so they can be used as a reference for shopping for cellphones.

Tips for Buying a Local Brand Touch Screen CellPhone

Who says shopping for a local touchscreen phone is easy? It turns out that it needs its own knowledge, so as not to be disappointed in the future.


A variety of local smartphones with touch screen models, are now a trend in the market. Almost all local vendors are enlivening the segment of cheap smartphones of the sweeping genre on this screen. The design is unique and attractive. Some like oval models, some are semi-squares. Just choose the one that is interesting and unique according to your character.


Speaking of price ranges, you don’t need to worry. The majority of the price is still below 800 thousand. Other interesting features, such as analog TV, have also been embedded. So, even for field workers, you can still enjoy your favorite TV broadcasts anytime anywhere.


But you know, choosing a touch screen cellphone with a local brand should not be arbitrary. It could be that disappointment will arise when the cellphone is brought home. The key is not to be too lustful to buy, without the following SIGNAL suggested steps.


  1. Screen type

The type of screen is an aspect that is arguably a priority when hunting for touch screen phones. The type of screen determines the level of sensitivity when accessing menus and features. Indeed, the majority of touch screens in local brand phones still use resistive screen types. The level of sensitivity is just right for a pointed stylus, not a touch of fingers.


In contrast to the capacitive screen, which is indeed more sensitive to the touch of the fingers, so it is easier to calibrate without having to use additional tools. But the problem is, for capacitive touchscreen phones in local brands, it is still rare. One of the things SIGNAL found was the Nexian Champion – the screen is fairly responsive thanks to its capacitive screen.




  1. Screen area

The screen area factor is also important in touch screen phones. If it is narrow, then the eyesight is also less free. Accessing the internet is also less convenient. Spacious touchscreen phones usually have a screen area above 3 inches. Even users who have large fingers, are still comfortable doing ‘taps’ while browsing.


  1. Focus on the features

There’s one thing that’s no less important when hunting for a touchscreen smartphone: you need to focus on the features and apps available. Look for one that really suits your needs. For example, if you want a touch screen smartphone complete with multimedia features, then prioritize those that have good performance in that sector. You can kind of ignore the design sector – though that doesn’t mean it’s not important – if indeed multimedia is the main reference. But if you are lucky, you can get both.


There’s another lure that’s quite tempting: The smartphone bundling package with the operator. It is this factor that can shake faith when buying. Especially if you are poisoned by the persuasion of the seller. Unknowingly, the cellphone targeted by his SIM was locked or not. In fact, if it is locked by the operator, it is definitely not free to choose the operator you want to use. Although it is common for touch screen smartphones with Dual SIM technology, still having to use one particular operator can be difficult.


  1. Also buy a screenguard

After you do the first three steps, then you just need to prepare additional money to buy accessories. Namely a screenguard a.k.a glass protector that can protect the cellphone screen so that it can withstand scratches. Because, the screen will often be swiped and accessed either with a stylus or even the tip of a pen. With anti-scratch, a light impact is not a significant problem. Well, without anti-scratch, the touchscreen screen can be scratched and over time interfere with users when they want to access its features.


  1. After-sales service

After-sales service should not be ignored. In principle, the warranty is the guarantee of the touch screen cellphone you buy. If there are unwanted things in the form of hardware or software damage, you can go directly to the relevant service center to claim damage to the handset. So look for one that has an extensive and tested service center network.

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