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DKI bank call centre number 24 hours

The 24-hour DKI call centre can contact anyone. Because of its existence, it makes it very easy for users to need more information. Since it is not available throughout the city, its existence is only popular in the capital. When viewing from old age, the DKI bank itself cannot call itself new.

It was the first time this financial company had been built in 1961. The founder is the provincial government of DKI Jakarta. It is hoped that its existence will be able to help the economic growth of the capital’s citizens. As a bank, a large amount of capital has been issued since its introduction. It is noted that only the initial capital is almost 4 billion rupiah.

Increasingly, the users of this bank continue to multiply. A large number of users appear to be continuing to develop in different areas. But the problem is that some customers feel confused when they are just part of the bank. If this problem occurs, you can contact the 24-hour DKI call centre number .

Contactable DKI options

If you want to communicate with dki bank, you can contact multiple numbers. The first contact is the official call center. You can contact the official call centre at any time. The number is active from Monday to Sunday for 24 hours. The sheer number is 150-0351.

In addition to calling a number, customers can also contact customer service. Customer Service is at 021-806-55555. Only the contact is different from the 24-hour DKI call center number. A person can only access this within working days and hours. If it is outside working hours, you can select the previous number.

However, both numbers are not free at the time of contact. To contact him, the person must in the cost. This fee will be taken from the credit property. The existence of a phone pack cannot be used. Because the above number is not from a specific tenderer. In fact, you’d better turn over stocks.

By contacting him via a stable network, communication can still be done at no extra cost. The tariff for the service line was fixed monthly, so that no additional costs were made. That said, the only weakness of the 24-hour DKI bank call centre is that it is  not free.

To be easier, you can communicate via e-mail. Of course, there is no burden if you contact him via email. DKI’s e-mail However, the contact page is via email at the time it takes. Communication cannot be done as fast as on the phone.

This is because the buyer has to wait for the bank to write an answer and can solve the problem. Except via email, the last way to communicate with his client is by fax. The fax number is 021-806-55500.

This service can be used in

When you contact the DKI dial-in center for 24 hours, someone has to have needs. Of course, the staff who pick up the phone can help if the customer’s request complies with the services provided. Not all problems at the bank can be solved through the call center. This is because call centers themselves have service restrictions.

The first available service is to block an ATM. This service is really much needed and needs to be done quickly. This is to prevent others from using atoms. Usually, customers experience this problem for a number of reasons. The reason is, as if the atom was lost, swallowed until someone stole it.

When it comes to blocking, of course the relationship is not just with ATMs. Some customers typically also want to block Mbanking JakOne services. You can also do this activity when you contact the DKI 24-hour dial-in centre. The service is definitely available for 24 hours.

The call center will not provide these services to anyone. There will be a process in advance to confirm that you are the caller. So make sure you collect personal information, such as account books and IDs, before you contact. This needs to be done so that the communication process can be smooth.

In addition to requests for something, you can contact the DKI bank’s call center for 24 hours also for more complaints  . The complaint itself can be linked to several things. The first complaint is, for example, transactions with ATMs and certain facilities. There are many problems that consumers often face, such as transfer, but money does not reach consumers.

In fact, the account balance has decreased. Complaints related to E-Channel services may also be lodged. There are many E-Channel services from DKI bank itself, 200 miles from JakOne Mobile, CMS, to JakCard. Usually, the problem is related to the server down. By contacting the call center, the problem will be resolved as soon as possible.

It is also possible to obtain a variety of information

You can also contact the DKI 24-hour dial-in centre to obtain information. The information you can get yourself is different. The first information is related to balances and transactions. However, in order to establish the situation and transactions, it is also necessary to have detailed knowledge of personal accounts.

In addition, some people are also often confused when looking for a branch when they are in a new place. If this makes it difficult for you, it can also be a contact with the CS option. Just ask the location of the nearest branch by first notifying your location.

Knowledge of the bank’s programmes and promotions can also be obtained. The development of the company is always out of the business. This development is certainly in the form of a number of new programmes aimed at improving consumer services. By contacting CS, you can obtain an explanation of such a program in detail.

In addition to the programme, knowledge of the promos can be obtained. DKI is never responsible for providing promos. Usually, promos are put in large quantities and largely benefit consumers. It’s going to be very damaging if the latest promo isn’t known. The promo certainly has a period of validity.

Therefore, knowledge of it should be known as soon as possible that it can be used before it runs out. There are also third parties involved. These third parties, such as Multipurpose Credit and Monas Starter Credit. CS also has detailed knowledge of third parties.

No need to hesitate to contact call center

If you feel you have a problem and need to be resolved, call the DKI bank number 24 hours. There is no need to be embarrassed or reluctant because you feel that the problem you are facing is small and you don’t need to ask it. We will answer every form of the question as best we can. Furthermore, the existence of CS itself is intended for such conditions.

That’s why they’re used to facing complaints like the one you’ve experienced. In fact, it is not appropriate to land yourself these problems and just find a way out by browsing the Internet. There’s a lot of invalid data on the Internet that’s on the side of valid data. It would be dangerous if you ever got invalid information.

The call centre will certainly make it easier for users to solve a variety of problems. Furthermore, its existence is also proof that DKI does not get involved in providing consumers. Just in case, keep the DKI call centre in the bank number 24 hours on your mobile phone.

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