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Starting November 1, 2010, Esia customers can enjoy all services at a rate of Rp. 1, namely calls Rp. 1/second, SMS Rp. 1/character, and internet Rp. 1/2kB.


“Previously, we have given the most rational SMS tariff of Rp. 1/character. Now everything becomes Rp.1. Anything is one rupiah,” said Erik Meijer, Deputy President Director of PT Bakrie Telecom Tbk.


Erik added that the tariff applied by Esia is a permanent tariff not a promotion, and applies as long as it is a limit. “We are not like other operators who lower their rates at certain hours. With Esia, Rp 1 can be enjoyed at any time,” said Erik.


Especially for voice rates. Erik admitted that Btel had only revised it after lasting about 5 years at a rate of Rp. 50/ minute. “Since I work here –Bakrie Telecom Tbk-, I have never lowered the voice tariff. Now the price of calling with Esia is only Rp. 1/second, valid between Esia and other operators”.


This Rp 1/second voice tariff applies to all GSM operators (local calls) and fellow Esia (local and interlocal using the code 01010). This scheme can be enjoyed by registering via sms, typing GSM to 511. There will be a fee of IDR 3,000/day and IDR 50/SMS.


It should also be noted, the tariff of Rp 1/second is only valid for calls for 10 minutes (accumulated in 1 day). Minutes after that will be charged Rp 5/sec (for calls outside Esia). “This scheme is an option for users. If you rarely make calls to GSM numbers, customers can still use the regular tariff (Rp 800/minute) or the GANAS package,” explained Erik.


Rp 1/second can also be enjoyed for international calls through VOIP 01010 access to 10 countries, namely Brunei, Canada, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Thailand, and America. After the tenth minute, it will cost you Rp 599/minute.

Indosat Offers Cheap Packages

MU24h is IM3. This tagline has many advantages. Yes, with this program, IM3 users who are actually young people will be met with social networking needs.  With a starter pack for Rp2,400, customers can get a variety of benefits. Among them, the call rate is IDR 24/minute throughout the day, free SMS up to 240 SMS per day and free Online up to 24 MB.


In accordance with the IM3 market segment, some interesting programs should continue to be carried out. Laszlo Barta, Director & Chief Commercial Officer of Indosat said, IM3 always continues to innovate to follow and accommodate customer needs. “One of them is the Mu24h program, im3, which is specifically for young people to always be connected to their colleagues,” he said.


“In addition, customers can also more easily and freely choose the desired service package while enjoying each of the packages we offer,” he said.


If you are an existing Indosat customer, either Mentari or IM3, you don’t need to worry. Because, you can still enjoy the Mu24h program package that is IM3. You do this by moving to the IM3 24 package via the menu to *777*1*1#.


Although other operators have similar attractive packages, Indosat remains optimistic about the Mu24h package im3.  In detail, to get online facilities for up to 24MB you will get it gradually. Namely on the 31st day customers will get 3MB of free online. Secondly, on the 61st day will get 5MB. Third, day 91 will get 7MB. And the 121st day will get a free allotment of 9MB.

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