Okeforum: Indosat and Tri Community Slang Event with Various Interests and Hobbies

For those of you who are users of operator services with the sun logo, of course you are familiar with the name Indosat Community. But do you already know, what is in it or what activities are carried out? Let’s take a peek at this one community.


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Doing hobby activities alone is certainly not steady. It is more delicious to join friends who have similar interests. No need to be confused, because everything is in Indosat Community. Indosat users are given a place to hang out with fellow customers who have the same hobby.


There are at least 5 types of interest groups, namely games, sports, shopping and traveling, books, and music and movies. Each interest group still consists of various communities. For example, in the sports group, there is a community of bicycles, scooters, or other automotive communities. So don’t be afraid of not having friends who have the same hobbies. In Indosat Community, there are around 2 million people joining, the majority of members are from young people.


In addition to friends and an extensive network, joining a community certainly gets a variety of other benefits. For example, being the first to be informed about Indosat’s program, credit bonus packages, shopping discounts at several stores and restaurants, and being able to take various quizzes. The various activities held by the community are also interesting to follow and definitely add insight.


When there is a new program, Indosat often invites the community to enliven the event. For example, by holding a contest. Recently, a photo contest with the theme 24 was held, to enliven the launch of the IM3 Mu24h package. Some of the selected photos naturally get attractive prizes.


Indosat also provides a community portal. Here, in addition to information on various promotions and discount packages, members can also channel their hobby of writing by blogging. There is also a page for posting photos. This selfie event is directly supervised by the management of Indosat Community, so that the photos displayed are not ‘weird’.


What is Indosat Community?


Various communities in Indosat have actually been established for a long time, but are still fragmented into several Indosat card brands (Mentari, Matrix, Star One, IM3) or stand alone at the initiative of users. But since 5 years ago, on August 29, 2006 to be precise, these various communities have merged and sheltered in one large group called Indosat Community.


Because it comes from a combination of many communities, it is no wonder that the activities are very diverse and complete. Because it is under one umbrella, Indosat now focuses more on taking care of its community members. Each Indosat branch throughout the country often carries out activities that involve the community. From just an entertainment event to a serious educational one.


To join, it is very easy. You can via SMS to 212 for free, through the www.indosatcommunity.com website, through The Gallery and Griya Indosat, or contact Indosat customer service. Every single phone number, users are entitled to join one community. If you want to join more other communities, one user can register more than one phone number.


Indosat will send invitations to activities via free SMS according to the interests of each member. If it is not suitable to join one community, simply contact customer service to change interests. After that, invitations will be sent according to new interests.


Three Community: Tri Youth Slang Event

Having something in common with things, can make people take the initiative to get to know each other. As well as sim card users from certain carriers. Not only do they take advantage of the cheap and easy communication to fellow card users, they also make friends.


Starting from a handful of 3 (Tri) card users who took the initiative to get to know each other, the friendship has grown steadily until now. From 5 people in 2006, it succeeded in inviting more and more people to form a community of friends, which was officially established on June 28, 2007. That’s a little story about the beginning of the establishment of the Three Community, which was told by Adelia Iratiaulianti or better known as Mother Aulia, to SIGNAL, at this community gathering on January 23, 2011.


Mother Aulia, one of the community initiators, is now trusted by Operator Tri to coordinate this association. When his classmates have begun to resign because of their respective busy lives, he is still actively accompanying the teenage members who are increasing in number. That said, she is the mother of the children of the community. In fact, the parents of the community members also know him well, so they do not hesitate to allow their children to join.


Learn to Organize


The Tri community is now dominated by teenagers of middle and high school age. Of course, the activities carried out are related to their passion. Futsal training, football, playing music, to regular recitations are carried out. Not infrequently, funds are collected for social services outside and within the community. Not only concerned about natural disasters that occurred in Indonesia, they also paid attention to their fellow friends and family who were hit by the disaster.


The positive activities carried out by these young people have the full support of the Tri operator and are supervised by the appointed coordinator. This community has a clear hierarchy of management in each area, along with the location of the basecamp as the center of its activities. Small communities that are members of the area-based community, are also fully recorded along with their members. Indirectly, through this event, teenagers are invited to learn to organize and work in teams.


Like Your Own Family


As a place of friendship, Three Community often meets. At least once every 2 months, members and administrators of the Jabodetabek area gather together. For example, the gathering activities they did at the last gathering. On Sunday afternoon, approximately 100 young people gathered at Sempur Square, Bogor.


The day’s event agenda was to introduce the Chat & Friends Community, a new community that caters to the city’s 10 smaller communities that previously existed. Although it has only been 3 months, the community chaired by Afriaansyah has 150 members. After that, the event continued with an evaluation of activities in 2010 and plans for activities this year.


This time, it was indeed Bogor who hosted it. Faqih, the chairman of Evolution Bogor Three Community, seemed to be busy preparing for the event and greeting the friends who came. The members who attended were not only from the rainy city, there were also those who came from Bekasi and Tangerang. Here can be seen their high loyalty to their community. Although it was far away, these teenagers still took the time to come. When asked what their motivation is to be active in this community, the answer is almost uniform, which is a sense of family. Indeed, close friendships make them comfortable like their own family. Do you want to join in?

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