PortalEkonomi: Survey Indonesia’s Insight: Networking Is Important for Indonesian Men

For Indonesian men, social life is one thing that is important. Networking must be maintained. So the presence of various devices supporting connectivity with the outside world becomes so important.

This fact was revealed in a half-day seminar of Gramedia Magazine “Indonesia’s Hottest Insight” d Ballroom of Hotel Mulia Jakarta, Wednesday, July 18. Seminar that explained the findings of a survey conducted by Gramedia Magazine.

“As important as it is, men consider that the ownership of gadgets such as cellphones, PCs and laptops is absolute,” said Hendra Noor Saleh, Group Publisher of Special Interest Media – Gramedia Magazine in a research presentation.

Gramedia Magazine’s own research targets three important segments: men, women and children. In each segment there are more than 3, 000 respondents. The total number is around 9,000 respondents spread across nine important cities in Indonesia.

Especially in the men’s segment, the facts show that the level of ownership of devices for information and maintaining connectivity is already owned by men on average. About 66% of the 3,000s of respondents claimed to have a PC, laptop or notebook. Meanwhile, the figure for mobile phones is almost 100%.

What about tablets? Meanwhile, for now, the ownership of tablets has not been able to compete with the two. “But in our research, we sniffed out that in fact the reponsdents had a desire to have it immediately. The price factor still seems to be an obstacle for tablets to penetrate. Maybe with the increasing number of cheap tablets, this figure may change next year,” added Hendra.


Tablet Ownership

For the sake of information and connectivity, around 70% of respondents admitted to regularly accessing the internet. Either through a laptop/netbook, or through a cellphone. Both through laptops/netbooks and mobile phones, the figure is the same, in the range of 66%.

The question then is, where do they go in on the internet? It turns out that social networking sites are still the most important. Facebook, Youtube are in the first and second ranks of the list of sites accessed. The percentages are: 58% and 16%. The rest is divided into news portals, downloading songs and games.

Loyalty to SIM Card

One of the characters that significantly distinguishes the male segment and others is the loyalty that tends to be high towards SIM Cards. “It can be because of the feeling of comfort and satisfaction with the value obtained, not infrequently also because of laziness,” explained Hendra.

Unlike many people’s assumptions, Gramedia Magazine’s research on the men’s segment shows that loyalty to providers has not decreased following the onslaught of price wars. The percentage of those who have never replaced a SIM card is fairly high, exceeding 60 percent. Hendra Noor Saleh emphasized that the relationship between SIM Cards and netwoking is: for men, besides being impractical, changing the SIM Card means that he has to reset the list of network names that have been saved.

In the case of services, even though voice and SMS are still dominant, there is a significant increase in the use of data services. The highest number of data service users occurred in Yogyakarta and Denpasar. It could be because the population in those cities consists mostly of tourism sector workers and students who need internet access anywhere.

One other interesting thing is the high usage of the credit transfer feature. This feature is even ranked second only to the personal connect tone/ring back tone feature that once dominated.

Overall, in “Indonesia’s Hottest Insight” there are more than 3,000 important data findings. More than 400 invitees from business circles attended to find out about the important findings. “What’s interesting is that we not only get data presentations, but also insights from publishers who know the segments on a daily basis,” said senior marketer, Eleanor Modesto.

Elwin Siregar, Group Director of Gramedia Majalah, revealed that the research was carried out to better understand and follow the changes that continue to occur in the reader segments within Gramedia Magazine. “As a result, it will not only be useful for magazine and tabloid publishers, but also of course for business people in communicating their products to the public. Because knowing the wishes and profiles of the reader is something absolute.”

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