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Nokia Bazaar is only a week away, which is until next week (Sunday, 29/05). Two series have again cut prices, namely the Nokia X2-01 which dropped again to IDR 699 thousand (from IDR 850 thousand) and the Nokia C3 to IDR 999 thousand (from IDR 1,050 million).


Others still seem to be the same; Nokia 1280 at IDR 239,999, Nokia 1616 at IDR 275 thousand, Nokia 1800 at IDR 300 thousand, Nokia 2330 at IDR 500 thousand, Nokia 2700 at IDR 780 thousand, and Nokia C1-01 at IDR 550 thousand. Don’t forget, extra reward opportunities; check.


Sony Ericsson continues its Xperia Road Show to Bandung, precisely at Istana Plaza, from Wednesday (18/05) to Sunday (22/05). There are 0% installments for 6 months and 12 months from Bank Mandiri, or 6 months from several other credit provider banks. Xperia arc is discounted to IDR 5,649 million (from IDR 5,749 million), Xperia X10 IDR 3,849 million (from IDR 3,999 million), Xperia X10 mini pro IDR 1,899 million (from IDR 1,999 million), and Xperia X8 IDR 1,549 million (from IDR 1,599 million).


In addition, Vivaz pro is also sold for Rp. 2,649 million (from Rp. 2,699 million), and Vivaz for Rp. 2,549 million (from Rp. 2,599 million). Spiro and Cedar were released at a price of IDR 699 thousand, Yendo IDR 949 thousand, Zylo IDR 1,099 million, Hazel IDR 1,549 million and X10 mini IDR 1,749 million.


For Samsung smartphone hunters in Jakarta, they can launch the Galaxy Series Road Show at Plaza Senayan from today (20/05) to Sunday (22/05). Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Pro, Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Gio and Galaxy mini can be purchased in 0% installments from a number of credit provider banks. Didn’t have time to stop by? This event will continue to Kelapa Gading Mall 3, Jakarta, on June 8-12.


Those who are looking for AN LG smartphone, just launch it to the LG Fair with BNI in Jakarta (Gandaria City and Ratu Plaza) and Bandung (Festivalcitylink), starting today (20/05) until Sunday (22/05). LG Optimus 2X is sold for IDR 4,999 million, LG Optimus One IDR 2,249 million, LG Optimus Me IDR 1,500 million, LG Wink Slide IDR 999 thousand, LG Wink WiFi IDR 899 thousand, LG Wink Dual IDR 799 thousand, LG Cookie Style IDR 910 thousand and LG Cookie mini IDR 749 thousand. BNI prepares discounts and 0% installments for 6 months.


Those who have a BNI credit card and focus on buying an iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab or BlackBerry Torch, can stop by Telesindo Shop which is holding Gadget Inspiration from today (20/05) to next week (Sunday, 29/05). There is a special price offer and 0% installments for 6 months. Samsung Galaxy Tab – Light Package becomes IDR 4,799 million with a cashback of IDR 100 thousand, iPhone 4 – 16GB to IDR 6,899 million (from IDR 6,999 million), and BlackBerry Torch to IDR 4,599 million (from IDR 4,999 million). This is true in Jakarta and its surroundings, Bandung and Surabaya.


BlackBerry Stable Price


As of this week it seems that BlackBerry prices are holding steady. At least from the info that SIGNAL can get to this day.


OkeShop still offers a BlackBerry package with a free XL starter pack and free BlackBerry Service for 3 months (after a top-up of Rp100,000). 0% installments are available for 6 months or 12 months with various credit card providers. This promo lasts until May 31.


The condition of the mobile phone market throughout may, especially in Jakarta, can be concluded to be in ideal conditions. Demand is good, the supply of goods is plentiful, while the price movement proceeds smoothly.


This situation is quite a contrast when compared to the previous period of months, where the hp market often went up and down frontally. For May, the cellphone business was stable and vibrant.


The biggest surge in visitors was felt in the electronic center of Jambu Dua, Bogor. In the largest mobile center in this rainy city, the number of visitors in the past month looks much more flowing.


The alleys on the ground floor and the first floor, which became a special area for mobile phone outlets, looked congested. The lobby yard is almost always crowded, because many cellphone vendors hold exhibitions. As a result, sales turnover was recognized by traders to be lifted up significantly again.


“The most crowded is the beginning of the month until the twenties. It was really crowded. Maybe it’s because of the exam (SMPTN test) times, yes!” said a store employee on the ground floor.


The conditions at ITC Roxi Mas West Jakarta are as much as three money. In the largest cellphone center in the country, the atmosphere is no less noisy and dense. But according to traders, in the past week the situation has again gradually weakened again.


“It’s understandable. It’s the end of the month. It will also be the beginning of the busy month again. But for this month, the sales are indeed very good”, explained a shop owner on the third floor.


The improvement of the cellphone business is not only happening in Roxi Mas and Jambu Dua. In other outlets, the situation is no less warm, although it is not as busy as in the two shops just now. Ambassador mall is no exception. Even though the access road to the mall is under repair.


Based on our research, in general, cellphones made by local principals still dominate sales volume in Jakarta. However, the buzz is not as great as it used to be.


“Because (the price of) well-known brand smartphones has also become cheaper. The trend is now touch screens. BlackBerry is also still good, because the price is getting more affordable,” explained Suhendar from Jambu Dua Bogor.


Some of the global brand phones whose sales are being hit include Nokia X2-00, Nokia X2-01, Samsung Galaxy Mini, and Samsung Galaxy Ace. The demand for BlackBerry Gemini is also still recorded well, especially after the price drop. As for local brands, smartphones with touch screen designs and game genre phones, are reportedly increasingly loved.


However, the squirming of the hp market in recent times, apparently did not push the price aspect to a higher level. Based on the data we collected, the price of cellphones actually moved down. This is due to the rapidly flowing supply of goods from distributors.


From the data we collected through several distributor price releases at ITC Roxi Mas Jakarta, there are almost no cellphones whose selling prices have been lifted up. Meanwhile, there are only a few types that are mired in hundreds of thousands of rupiah, which is also the case with premium class smartphones. Here’s the list:


No          Type CellPhone  Old Price              New Price            Decrease

1             Dell Streak          4,900,000            4,450,000            450,000

2             HTC Desire HD   5,500,000            5,300,000            200,000

3             LG GM360 Viewty Snap  1,475,000            1,325,000            150,000

4             HTC Desire          3,900,000            3,800,000            100,000

5             Sony Ericsson Vivaz         2,550,000            2,450,000            100,000

6             Sony Ericsson X8              1,650,000            1,560,000            90,000

7             Blackberry 9780 Onyx2  3,950,000            3,875,000            75,000

8             Sony Ericsson W150 Going           975,000               900,000               75,000

9             Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro          2,025,000            1,960,000            65,000

10           Nokia X3              1,300,000            1,240,000            60,000

11           Blackberry 8520 Gemini 1,950,000            1,900,000            50,000

12           Blackberry 9105 Pearl     2,400,000            2,350,000            50,000

13           Blackberry 9800 Torch   4,900,000            4,850,000            50,000

14           Sony Ericsson M1 Aspen               1,875,000            1,825,000            50,000

15           LG P990 Optimus 2X       4,600,000            4,550,000            50,000

16           Samsung B7320 1,575,000            1,525,000            50,000

17           Sony Ericsson X10            3,900,000            3,850,000            50,000

18           Sony Ericsson X10 Mini   1,725,000            1,680,000            45,000

19           Samsung S5670 Galaxy Fit            1,975,000            1,935,000            40,000

20           Sony Ericsson W20i Zylo 1,060,000            1,025,000            35,000

Still eyeing the iPhone? There are interesting offers from XL and Telkomsel.


XL sells iPhone 3Gs at a price of Rp. 4,299,000, plus free unlimited internet, 150 minutes of calls, 150 SMS, 15 MMS for 3 months.

Meanwhile, Telkomsel is ready to exchange the old iPhone 3G for the iPhone 4, with a discount of up to 3 million. This iPhone 4 is packaged with Simpati Turbo which has free unlimited internet, free 100 minutes of talk, free 400 SMS. Purchases can be made in 0% installments for 6 or 12 months. It is valid from July 8 to September 4.


HTC Exhibition at Supermall Karawaci from Wednesday (6/7) then to Sunday (10/7) and at Ambassador Mall from Saturday (9/7) tomorrow to Wednesday (13/7) still offers HTC Wildfire S for IDR 2,999,000, HTC Sensation for IDR 5,499,000, and HTC Flyer for IDR 6,999,000. Selular Shop accepts payments in installments of 0% for 6 months.


HTC Wildfire S and HTC Sensation areboned htc Bluetooth + free 6 months unlimited HTC data package with a total value of Rp 1,100,000. While the HTC Flyer isbonused HTC Media Link + free 6 months unlimited HTC data package with a total value of Rp. 2,100,000.


The hunt for Sony Ericsson, xperia roadshow is still going on until Sunday (10/7) at Summarecon Mall Serpong. There are Xperia Promos for arc, X10, X10 mini, X10 mini pro and X8.


Cash back is a maximum of IDR 250,000 for cash purchases or BCA installments. Purchase 0% installments, except for Mandiri credit cards.


The Xperia arc dropped to IDR 5,249,000 (from IDR 5,499,000), the X10 to IDR 3,599,000 (from IDR 3,799,000) and the X10 mini pro to IDR 1,699,000 (from IDR 1,849,000). The X10 mini is pegged at IDR 1,699,000 and the X8 at IDR 1,499,000. There are free gifts in the form of jackets for the first 10 buyers of the arc, Bluetooth VH110 for the first 5 buyers of the X10, an AN401 car charger for the first 5 buyers of the X10 mini pro, as well as merchandise for Xperia purchases (except arc).


Sony Ericsson also discounted its accessories up to 40% + Wellcomm vouchers up to IDR 3 million.


Samsung products, Galaxy series and Wave series, in Erafone are also being discounted. Check out the following table for the Galaxy series:


Series    Price (Rp)             Normal price (Rp)

Google Nexus     5.499.000

Galaxy Pro          2.499.000

Galaxy Ace          2.499.000            2.999.000

Galaxy Gio          1.999.000            2.149.000

Galaxy 5              1.899.000

Galaxy Fit            1.799.000            1.999.000

Galaxy Mini         1.499.000            1.599.000

And the following table for the Wave series:


Series    Price (Rp)             Normal price (Rp)

Wave S8530       3.899.000            3.999.000

Wave S5753       1.899.000            1.999.000

Wave S5253       1.599.000

Wave S5333       1.499.000            1.899.000

The latest tablet, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, is released at a price of Rp. 5,999,000. While the Galaxy Tab Lite is released at a price of Rp. 4,799,000.


Accessories for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 began to circulate. Among others, there is a book cover at a price of RP 450,000, a premium leather case at a price of IDR 600,000 and a car charger at a price of IDR 150,000.

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